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We will develop and launch an MVP (prototype) of your idea in 4 weeks at no extra cost

Test your idea fast

According to statistics, 9 out of 10 startups are unsuccessful. One wrong step, and you lose time, money and the desire to open a business.

The main thing in a startup is to create a popular product.
At the development stage, it is not always clear that your idea is exactly what people need.

Code fast will help launch a pilot version of the project, check its viability based on real analytical data and, if necessary, quickly adjust the business model.
You are sure of
success your project?
The main goal of MVP is to adapt ideas and hypotheses to the interests of the end user.

We will develop MVP, provide it with metrics and track the behavior of the target audience in the process of using the product.

If, after testing the hypothesis, your idea needs refinement, we will provide a functionality that informs users about the temporary freezing of the project.
MVP – Minimum Viable Product
The SDLC cycle consists of 6 key steps / steps.

Each project is cyclical and goes through
6 steps in its development.

Software Development Life Cycle

We figured out how to speed up the passage of 4 steps and significantly reduce the 5th in the first round of the SDLC cycle.

Our solution will allow you to get feedback from users and to collect valuable metrics in the shortest possible time.

Based on these data, you can adjust the development strategy of your product.
We enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
How do we do it?
Everything is simple:
We value the uniqueness of your ideas and keep them confidential
We think a lot
In the first week we analyze the information received, cut off everything unnecessary and provide: basic design - description of functional units - architecture of the MVP project - a detailed action plan that is agreed with you
We give all the best 100%
The remaining three weeks we do what we do best - we write the code
We start and observe the smoothness of flight
Done! You will receive such a message by e-mail and all available instant messengers
4 weeks
What is the result?
1 week for research
3 weeks to develop
3 professionals
The team has 3 senior level developers
3 analytic tools
A lot of data
can not be
1 right decision
You will understand whether it is worth developing the idea further or adjusting it.
Разработка «под ключ»
What's next?
Did the idea resonate with the target audience and confirm your expectations?

We can offer you one of the following options:
Реализацией проекта
займется наша команда
Мы ищем и следим
Мы находим разработчиков и координируем их действия
Мы ищем, а вы следите
Мы находим разработчиков, которыми вы сможете управлять самостоятельно

Вы ищете и следите
Вы находите разработчиков и сами их координируйте
Вы ищете, а мы следим
Вы находите разработчиков,
а мы проследим за тем, чтобы они все сделали правильно
We are experts
Our advantages
We are demanding in the selection of personnel and do not keep junior developers on the team, whom we give out as "experts with extensive experience"
We have our own approach
We have developed our own methodology to quickly prototype products of any complexity.
We are unbiased
We help to look at the project from the side and identify possible risks.

It's like with a new machine: the desire to buy it does not allow you to see the problems that may arise in the future.
Our technology stack
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